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Why Online?

We care about you and your dog!

Use Your Nose Dog Training has been an in person group or private class training experience with our lead dog trainer, Cindy Roberts,  since 2014. With our trainers presenting seminars in areas where Scent Work trainers are not available, we have been working on an online format for continuing education for those seminar attendees who wish to continue their knowledge in how to train a dog in Scent Work. With the recent developments of the world wide medical crisis, we have stepped up the timeline to offer online classes.

No matter where you live you can learn from us!

Scent Work, Dog Parkour, and Puppy Class

Our classes for dogs and owners no matter where they live. Learning how to train a dog is broken down into simple steps by our dog trainers. 

Our classes are not pre-recorded!

We will provide links to our classes for current active students to play back as a reference tool. But all classes will be offered at a set day and time and the dog trainer will present the exercises, talk about the exercise, answer questions, and watch your videos live! If you wish to purchase access to a prerecorded class, we can help you with that too. But we think you will want to be live with our trainers! 

Our trainers are what make us unique! You can learn how to train a dog online! From Puppy Training to Scent Work, we can help you no matter where you live,

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